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Social Media



Facebook is for oldies

Roughly 79% of adult internet users are on Facebook…a 7% increase from 2015

Source: Pew Research Centre


Trump gave Twitter some needed publicity, but…

Twitter’s user growth continues to  plateau with only 3% year over year worldwide user growth and 0% year over year in the US.

Source: TechCrunch


Leveraging influencers is very powerful

66% of marketers have an influencer marketing strategy, with 90% of these brands engaging influencers on Instagram.

Source: Digiday


Marketers see a $6.50 return on each dollar invested in influencer marketing.

Source: Nielsen


But there’s a disconnect between ‘engagement’ and ‘sales’

70% of marketers measure influencer marketing success based on engagement, not sales.

Source: Digiday


Snapchat is best for Millennials

With a user base that includes almost 40% of American millennials, Snapchat’s importance for brands will increase.

Source: Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers


Move over cable TV

YouTube overall — and YouTube solely on mobile — reaches more 18-49 year-olds than any cable network in the U.S.

Source: Youtube


Implications for Marketing Managers

One of the best ways to retain authenticity in your brand message and also get a great return on spend is to leverage the power of influencers’ social media followings. Facebook’s ad platform is unrivaled in it’s audience targeting ability and increasingly powerful for mature-aged users. Invest in Snapchat for long-term plays. Twitter’s demise seems inevitable without significant structural change.  For most effective advertising, stick to brand reiteration via re-marketing or create socially shareable content.


Online Advertising

The boom times continue

U.S advertisers invested $17.6 billion in digital advertising in the third quarter of 2016…a 20 percent increase over the same time period in 2015

Source: IAB


Nearly half is mobile

Mobile now comprises 47% of US digital ad spend, up from 30% in 2015

Source: IAB


There’s a large captive audience waiting

Consumers now spend over five and a half hours a day with digital media

Source: AdAge


That politicians should not ignore

During the first Presidential debate in 2016, debate-related Facebook Live videos generated 55 million views.

Source: Wall Street Journal


It’s best used for building brand awareness and for remarketing

Only 4% of American consumers say they trust advertising for recommendations on products or services.

Source: Zendesk


Measuring online influence to offline behaviour is also an issue

Despite the importance of offline sales, 42% of marketers say they still struggle to measure the impact of digital on in-person sales interactions.

Source: Netservice & CMO Council


Implications for Marketing Managers

Increases in market-wide spend without increases in supply will continue to cause price inflation. Find ways to connect online efforts to bottom line offline sales (this is easier than you think) to help justify campaign spend to superiors. Separate mobile campaigns from desktop and look to mobile for the best returns.



Ownership Continues to Rise

43% of the world’s population now own a smartphone

Source: Pew Research Centre


People are using smart phones more

Consumers now spend over twice as much time per day on mobile versus desktop

Source: Digiday


Consuming increasingly more video

Mobile video generated 55% of mobile data traffic in 2015, and it is projected to grow to 75% by 2020.

Source: Nielsen


But would rather block ads and have their location kept secret

Over 400 million consumers use mobile ad blocking software

Source: Nielsen


90% of US-based users have location services enabled on their mobile device. However, consumers’ willingness to allow access to various branded apps vary, with only 38% enabling location services for social networking apps.

Source: eMarketer


Lower expectations that your app will be used often once downloaded

84% is spent using just five non-native apps installed from app stores.

Source: Forrester


Implications for Marketing Managers

Think twice about creating a mobile app that your customer’s will use to any degree unless it provides unique value. Use web based mobile apps as a convenient way to test proof of concept before committing resources for native app development. Mobile usage worldwide and domestically is increasing. Beware of ad blocking affecting ad reach.




John James

John has been working in marketing and sales for over 10 years, working with brands such as Procter & Gamble,  and Sothebys during stints at global advertising agencies in his early career. His core specialties involve marketing strategy development and branding, but is most sought for his ability to influence others and generate behavioural responses through marketing communications. He spends most of his time in Melbourne, Australia and California, USA consulting with organisations to help optimize their marketing campaigns.


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