Mobile HTML5 Online Advertising Formats Major Agencies Don’t Use

The traditional separation between creative design, ad tech and media buying means your latest campaign is likely reliant on simple static banner ad designs which link to a landing page or website. If the design team is a little more savy they might add some generic template-based HTML5 frame animation into your MREC and top it off with a Call To Action (CTA) ‘read more’ button. This can work, sure. but what you will be less familiar with is that there are so many more features you can use to engage with users. These features can dramatically increase the number of desiered behvavioual responses generated from your next campaign.

While the possibilities are nearly endless, check out these ads on your mobile/cell phone. We’ll be rolling out more creative formats on this page soon and follow up with a desktop version which of course is a touch more limited creatively.

Add to Calendar

Click to Call Mobile

Product Slider – Mobile

Expand to Map – Mobile

Embedded Video ad

Drive Engagement with Social Assets

Form Fill


John has been working in the advertising, marketing and sales industry for over 10 years. His work has been diverse ranging from large brand awareness campaigns for global brand like P&G and Sothebys, has been combined with growth-focused, lean SME’s campaigns. His core specialties revolve around marketing strategy development and branding, but is most sought after for an ability to influence users online and generate valuable behavioural responses. He spends most of his time in Melbourne, Australia and California, USA.


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