Growth Teams

History of Growth Marketing, Growth Hacking and Growth Teams

Since Sean Ellis coined the term ‘Growth Hacking’ after early successes at Dropbox as their first growth hire, growth teams have become a departmental necessity for many Silicon Valley tech startups.

More recently, traditional service businesses have embraced the power of these cross-functional, data-driven teams as a way to increase market share and revenue.

Growth Marketing/Hacking involves a mix of data analysis, programming ability and marketing nous. In the non-tech world, elements of this approach can be replicated by incorporating a similar multi-functional, data-driven approach that is heavily dependent on periodic experimental testing and validation.

Growth Consulting

Depending on your particular requirements, we can help consult, provide implementation frameworks and source staff or up-skill internal employees in order for you to implement a growth team in your organization.

Alternatively, you may need assistance with growth strategies or a review of internal systems.

Connect with our Senior Growth Consultant

James Hammon operates globally lead by ex-growth manager and growth consultant, John James. Connect with John via LinkedIn today

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