Digital Business Strategy

Digital Disruption Adaptation

Digital disruption is affecting most traditional businesses around the world.  New technologies increase process automation, efficiency and decrease demand for lower skilled human labour, combining to redefine modern business activities. It’s imperative that organisational business models adapt to these technological headwinds and adapt quickly. The difference between enjoying market dominance and substantial losses in market share is now measured in months – not years.

From our experience, different industries respond to disruptive threats in different ways, however by analysing some of our strategic success stories, we’ve identified some common attributes and approaches of organisations that have successfully responded to disruption. With our assistance you will not only learn to reembrace digital disruption, but thrive if you follow our advice.

  • Business model disruption stress testing
  • Adaptation strategies
  • Future proofing & disruption monitoring

Systems Strategy

Using best-fit, connected digital systems for improved efficiency and superior stakeholder experiences

Sometimes due to organisational structures, multiple applications/systems are operating independently of each other or performing similar functions with cross-over. Custom system integrations can share data, eliminate process waste and streamline operations with powerful results including operational efficiency and cost savings.

  • Saas cloud system recommendations & upgrades
  • Custom system integrations (API’s etc)
  • System reviews & analysis

Strategic Partnerships and Relationships

  • Endorsements & quality signals
  • Digital associations & sponsorship

Bits and Atoms


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