Modern Marketing Strategy

Common Queries

Which mediums to use – investment allocations

How to best use a particular medium and make it work

How to track and measure campaign effectiveness

How to calculate value of digital marketing efforts – CPA, CPL,

[service] How to acquire more customers / clients – lead generation

[product] How to get more sales

Media Strategy

Understanding the three basic categories of media is important

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Chosing the best mediums to use, how and when

The most effective vehicles to communicate with organisational stakeholders is constantly evolving. In a time not too long ago, there were no intranets and physical staff meetings were essential. Now there are cross functional team chat programs being used by very large companies and integrated information portals for internal and external stakeholders. More recently, the lowering of barriers the consummation of video content has rapidly caused a move toward richer media experiences beyond the standard text/static image combination. Staying on top of which mediums are the most effective for any given communication purpose is a huge advantage. Too often do we see our clients investing across the board in all mediums unwisely instead of being more strategic with their choices. High involvement vs low involvement, B2B vs B2C, product vs service, and the type of industry you are in has a huge bearing on which mediums we would recommend and how they are used.

  • Independent digital marketing campaign reviews
  • Search Marketing (SEO, SEM/PPC)
  • Programatic Advertising Display advertising networks (text, image and video) CPM – Media buying –
  • Social Media – Monitoring and campaigns (Facebook, Linkedin, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, Vine, Wechat, Youtube, Weibo etc.)
  • Email Marketing & eNewsletters (EDMs)
  • Content Marketing
  • Remarketing, and customised behavioural advertising
  • Omni Channel Approaches
  • Conversion Optimisation (CRO)


Messaging strategy

Define the brand and communicate a clear a value proposition

Everyone knows that ‘how’ you say something can be more influential than ‘what you say’. Too often in our globalized, politically correct, time poor world, messages are misinterpreted or simply ignored by the receiver. You need clear ‘cut-though’ in your messaging. Where your competitors ‘zig’ we will recommend to ‘zag’. Be different without compromising your brand values for maximum impact.

Behavioural Segmentation will assist in the creation of messages poignant to each target group. Combining the latest segmentation techniques together with programmatic advertising

Creative Strategy

Unless you can successfully capture your customers with plain factual text, you’ll often need to engage them with at a deeper level using creative approaches to stimulate human senses in order to coax out a behavioral response.

  • Stories/narratives
  • Static imagery
  • Moving image
  • Brand/style guidelines including colours, textures, fonts etc.
  • Experiential events – physical or vitual reality


Sales Strategy

Make your sales process dangerously efficient by using new technology

Sales and the resulting revenue is like the lifeblood of any organisation. When sales teams are performing, the organisation feels invigorated and positive motivations flows through its staff. Our sales advisory team will modernise your sales department so that more sales are closed and less time is spent doing so. We will also help you attribute which business efforts have resulted in leads and closed leads so this information can be fed back into internal decision making.

  • Sales funnel Creation & Optimisation
  • Marketing automation software
  • Feedback loop behavioural advertising
  • Advanced sales attribution tracking

Feedback Mechanisms and Research Strategy

Good marketers will always have sources of valid data at their fingertips so that this information can take the ‘I think’ out of strategic decisions. No one will have all the answers, nor will every strategy work from day 1 without some tweaking. However, by collecting research before, during and after the consumer experience you can easily turn blind risk into calculated risk.

  • Primary quantitative & qualitative
  • Secondary quantitative & qualitative
  • Data mining through web analytics audience data
  • Conversion tracking technology
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