Digital Data & Analytics

There’s nothing more destructive and embarrassing than making decisions based on flawed data.

If insights are to be valuable, they require an experienced team of professionals who have a deep level of understanding, both within their field of data science and how this relates to specific functions within the organisation.

Causation vs Correlation trap

Too often do junior staff confuse correlated variables with causation. In the field of marketing attribution, this is especially the case. There is a very large difference between a 95% and 99% confidence interval.

Sales and Marketing Data Attribution

Attribution is an area we specialize in by investigating all the activities which build value throughout an organisation’s sales funnel. Simply adapting data visualization tools such as Tableau or Datorama will not be sufficient for this exercise.

By exclusively looking at digital outcomes such as clicks, management will be provided with a myopic view of the customer journey. Instead, we must look deeper into notions of reach, validated reach, brand associations, general brand awareness and purchase intent. This can then be fed into a holistic view of the customer decision-making process which ultimately drives the revenue engine of the entity.  Once engaged, we can quickly work to answer four of our most common queries.

  1. How do I know if my marketing campaign is working or not?
  2. How do I convert more of my online traction into sales?
  3. What are my most valuable digital assets?
  4. What is the return on investment from various marketing initiatives both as a whole and individually?

How We Assist

New Systems

  • Advisory for free internal product choices (Excel, Google Data Studio, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager etc)
  • Advisory for paid product vendor partnerships (Tableau, Datorama, Periscope, etc)
  • Implementation and configuration
  • Staff management systems and maintenance procedures
  • Reporting facilitation and integrations

Existing Systems

  • System audits and reviews
  • Enhancements and extensions
  • Staff training
  • Vendor negotiations

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