Marketing Asset Management

Aligning the corporate vision and goals to a digital future

When an organisation’s assets are valued, only Goodwill and perhaps some notions of brand equity will be the main intangible assets that are considered.

However, in the modern digital world, there are many intangible assets that are seldom understood, yet extremely valuable if used correctly.

These assets can decrease the cost or increase the yield from existing marketing expenditure

A list of Digital Marketing Assets


Value in associated human visitation (bot-filtered)  – ability to build digital tagged audiences via complimentary program functions

Mobile applications

Value in associated users and intent/regularity behind the usage – ability to access deeper user level data on an individual device level and build digital tagged audiences as above

Email Database

Value in the extent of inboxes willing to receive communication from the brand and the inherent low cost of this communication. Email addresses can be used for complimentary digital marketing programs for efficient targeting purposes

User Database

As above but also including those who the brand does not have the rights to send email communications

Primary Market Research

Insights garnered from research results specific to the brand and its stakeholders

Secondary Market Research

Insights garnered from information already in the public or private domain which are typically not exclusively available to the brand

Social Media Followings

Organic followings are a free (if owned) source of reach and a great medium for customer feedback to be aired and responded to.

Digital Audiences

The collection and refinement of groups of users who have engaged with various digital brand touch-points is valuable from a targeting standpoint. Lookalike audiences (algorithmic permutations based on an existing data set) can also be created from the existing samples for new customer acquisition.

Video Content

Just like in the TV days, a persuasive, emotionally powerful piece of video content can be a strong contributing addition to a successful sales process.

Written Content aka copy

A punchy headline that causes reactions, an engaging story that draws the reader in or a byline that just makes you want to read more. Just like video, written text can be a very powerful value-driver.


A picture can say a thousand words, but more often than not, it is just a stock image used by hundreds of others.

Conversion Sequences & Landing Pages

Proving the causation between a flow of digital sequences and its affect on sales is very valuable. High conversion landing pages will increase the yield on traffic, all things being equal reducing the resources required for the same amount of conversions.

Brand Assets

Brand awareness, perceptions of quality, brand associations, and brand loyalty.

Affiliate Networks

Networks of partners external to the organization who provide a constant source of qualified sales opportunities.

Strategic Partnerships

Much like above, strategic partnerships can provide a source of user data, digital audiences and other insights

Intellectual Property

Trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, registered designs and patents.




Map and Build Value in Your Assets


One of our main roles when engaged by clients is to build value in their marketing assets. There are many conflicting views as to which particulars constitute value in these assets.

Connect with us to help identify and value these assets.

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